Our Service

Q. How long does it take to finish processing?
A. It depends on the quantity, digitizing process, and when we start processing. Please contact us regarding details.
Q. Is it possible to use only scanning, archiving system, or storing service?
A. Yes. Please contact us for details.

Scanning / Data Entry

Q. What is the resolution of scanned data?
A. We recommend 400 dpi for digitizing documents. However, if you are going to publish and print the scanned data, the resolution must be 600 dpi.

Digital Archiving System

Q. How long is the contract period for digital archiving system?
A. The shortest contract period is one year.
Q. What is the maximum number of pages I can put on the digital archiving system?
A. There is no limitation to the number of pages. However, the volume relies on the hard disk capacity of the server-side at the time of the contract.
(Approximately 1.5MB for one A4 size document page scanned in 400dpi.)
Q. What is the file format?
A. JPEG and TIFF. PDF is also available as an option.

Storing Original Copies / Delivery

Q. Can I take my originals in/out?
A. Yes, you can take your original copies in/out one-by-one.
Q. I don’t want to use general express delivery service, as my documents are very valuable. Do you have any other options?
A. Yes, our staff can personally pick-up/deliver your documents ourselves in our own vehicle.