T-ARCHIVE has been providing the best solution for digitizing and long-term data storing for over 1,000 companies.

  • Digitizing Documents
    T-ARCHIVE has completed digitizing more than one million pages including internal company publications, university research papers, back issues of magazines, important cultural properties, and more.
  • Storing Original Copies
    Over 3 million documents and pieces are stored at T-ARCHIVE, including valuable documents owned by public authorities.
  • Clients

    Important Cultural Property

    Rinzaiji Temple

    T-ARCHIVE Clients Rinzaiji Temple
    Valuable ancient documents owned by Rinzaiji Temple in Shizuoka prefecture needed to be digitized and reformtted into plain text.
    Rinzaiji Temple is where the first shogun of Edo shogunate, Ieyasu Tokugawa, grew up. It owns an valuable set of ancient religious documents, which is designated as Shizuoka Prefectual Important Cultual Property. The documents needed to be digitally stored to prevent damage and modified into plain text format so as to be legible as data.
    After using the overhead scanner to avoid disassembling the documents, we spent about a year modifying the images into plain text format conducted by an expert. We returned the originals intact, and the content became visible without anyone even touching the original paper.

    Internal Company Documents


    WOWOW INC. requested digitization of its in-house publications, 286 issues in total, and OCR processing.
    WOWOW INC. wanted to digitize all internal publications to share in-house with all employees. However, only one paper copy of each issue remained, so it was crucial to keep the originals intact.
    After scanning each issue with a scanner specially designed so as not to alter the originals, we executed OCR processing to render all content searchable. The data became common property of all employees who could share the data through their intranet.